Bridal Image Photography | The Wedding of Danielle and Joseph at the George Hotel, Edinburgh

The Wedding of Danielle and Joseph at the George Hotel, Edinburgh

October 18, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

A few photographs from a recent wedding at the George Hotel Edinburgh between Danielle and Joe. My friend and colleague Bill Lamarra was Principal Photographer on the day with myself as 2nd shooter with some nice shots contributed by her keen photographer father also called Bill. I swore I wasn't going to say anything else about the weather, but this has been the worse year I can remember over the last 15 for poor weather. It basically bucketed down the entire day. Joe and Dani however did not let it spoil their enjoyment and really got into the mood and spirit of the day as did their family and friends. Everyone there, especially the couple themselves, was in an especially good mood  throughout the entire day and Bill managed to capture some good shots on the rooftop terrace despite the horrible conditions. I was tucked safely down in the library taking reportage and guest photographs, before we were both kindly provided with a meal by the Brides father. Terrible life being a Wedding Photographer.  The George Hotel is situated half way down George Street in Edinburgh and is an ideal location for a wedding with a mix of old world charm and modern up to the minute facilities.

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