What's included in every package:

  • 6"x4" prints
  • Everyone in the photograph gets a full-sized copy
  • Greenscreen and or Flower Wall included at no additional cost
  • Open style booth with a full range of props for larger groups
  • Full operator control
  • Prints are available while you wait
  • Travel costs included throughout the central belt
  • All photographs uploaded to our website (password access optional)
  • Photographs can be downloaded for guests to upload to Social Media

Scottish Photobooth is a new dynamic branch of our already successful Wedding Photography business.

Scottish Photobooth specialises in photographing all types of events from;

  • Black Tie Dinners
  • School and College
  • Graduation Dances
  • School Proms
  • Corporate Days
  • Golf Tournaments
  • Charity Balls
  • Sports Days
  • Birthday parties
  • Anniversaries

In fact any type of event that you can imagine.


For Events booked before the end of 2021, we will also include the hire of our amazing and popular Flower Wall at no additional cost. This normally costs in the region of £50 to £200 to hire depending on the time required.


We can also include our Green Screen Chromakey photography at no additional cost. This is where your photograph is taken against a Green Screen, which is then removed and you are transported to the Eiffel Tower, or the Coliseum or the Taj Mahal. It's quick and effective. At a recent corporate event, our client's guests walked away with a finished 6"x4" print just 20 seconds after having their photograph taken. Scottish Photobooth will arrive at your event and will erect our booth in a suitable location.

At formal events, photographs are captured directly onto our 18” screen laptop where they can be immediately viewed by your guests. Once they have made their selection the photograph is then printed to our state-of-the-art DNP Dye Sublimation photo printer and mounted ready for them to take home with them.


Prices are as indicated below:

  • 2 hour 6"x4" package - £299
  • 3 hour 6"x4" package - £349
  • 4 hour 6"X4" package - £399
  • Additional hours---------£50

Please go to the Event Gallery to see Images from your Event.