Bridal Image Photography | Alanah and Allan's Wedding at Brig o Doon, Alloway, Ayrshire

Alanah and Allan's Wedding at Brig o Doon, Alloway, Ayrshire

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Another fantastic day at Brig o’ Doon, this time with Alanah and Allan and their 165 guests. The wedding itself was in the beautiful St Patricks Church in Coatbridge. So an hour for the wedding,  a few confetti shots outside on the steps and then the 1 hour drive down to the seaside and Burns Country. The Bride and Groom had both been at another wedding where Bridal Image had been the photographers. They liked how we shot it, how we interacted with the guests, the fact that there were at least 2 photographers there and they booked us shortly thereafter before even seeing the other Brides album or DVD. This set of photos were taken in Alanah's mothers house before leaving for the church,




Thankfully the weather, for a change, was playing along with us and we were able to shoot everything outside.  As usual, we were struggling for time, even with 3 photographers there, but we managed to pull it all together in the hour (and a bit) that the hotel said they could give us, but it also meant having to get the B&G and some other guests out into the gardens and onto  the bridge after the wedding to complete some of the shots that Alanah particularly wanted. Of course after a few glasses of wine (the couple, not us,) things got a bit more relaxed and fun(nier). Kudos to the bride and groom as well for the food they provided us with.


After the main shots were over and before the dancing commenced, the laptop was brought out and photos downloaded both for backup and guest viewing. This went well, lots of people buying, so much so that we did not get home until 1.30am due to the fact that we print the photo’s for them onsite.

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Oh, I mustn’t forget to mention 3 things, the dancing shots in this incredibly high ceilinged hall at Brig o Doon were super, the Groom commented that we had gone ‘above and beyond,’ and we received the following unsolicited comment from one of the guests.

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"I was a guest at the beautiful wedding of Alanah and Allan at Brig O Doon . I'd like to compliment your photographers for the expert and stunning photographic record that the newlyweds have now been able to share with all of their guests via your website. Well done to all of the photographers for their work and skills on which was a perfect day. I'd recommend your team without hesitation. I purchased pictures at the wedding and I've saved a picture in my shopping cart and look forward to giving it pride of place in our home .Thank you. Helen Kirley"

Gives you a nice warm glow inside so it does.


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