The Wedding of Gail and Derek at Glenskirlie House, Scotland

September 26, 2016

Just a few pics from a recent wedding we took on a DRY day in Scotland! No, not that kind of dry, I meant that it just didn't RAIN. Gail and Derek were great. Nothing was too much bother for them. Bridal Image always try and inject some fun into the day, and they were certainly up for that as you can see from the 'flower throwing,' pics. (Please be aware, no flowers were harmed in the taking of this photograph - they died a natural death a few hours later.) The Wedding was held at Glenskirlie house who as usual outdid themselves (especially with the night time barbecue.) I would like to thank Gail and Derek for giving is a marvellous day and the kids were absolutely fantastic. No fuss, no bother, just seemed to love every minute of it. I have attached a few pics 300_7005300_7005 700_0186700_0186 700_0191700_0191 700_0197700_0197 700_0221700_0221 700_0233 copy700_0233 copy 700_0465700_0465 700_0634700_0634 700_0643700_0643 700_0733700_0733 700_0805700_0805 700_0943700_0943 below and wave also added this as a link in my Bridalimage Facebook website. Please enjoy.