Wedding of Joanne and Stephen at St Augustine's Church Coatbridge and Airth Castle hotel.

October 12, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

A few photo's from the recent wedding of Joanne and Stephen at St. Augustines Church Coatbridge and the Airth Castle for the reception. What can I say. I've seen blogs where photographers in Southern California say they don't get very good light. Well try coming to Scotland mate and working with the light and weather we have. Another great couple and another crappy weather day. But it didn't spoil their mood in anyway. Joanne said she never even thought about the rain as the day flew past so quickly. Airth Castle is a wonderful location for a wedding reception. Nice grounds and good backdrops, but we were stuck inside all day and pushed for time. Still, I think that the photographs tell the real story of day and show just how happy the two of them were. Thanks Joanne and Stephen for allowing us to be a large part of your wedding.

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